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Friday, April 4

•4pm to 8pm – Collection of numbers Paseo Vara de Rey Ibiza.
•6pm to 7pm – Musical performance on the finish area stage.


Saturday, April 5

•10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Collection of numbers Paseo Vara de Rey de Ibiza.
•11am to 12pm - Sports and dance exhibition on stage - Finish area.
•7pm - Arrival 1st athlete to the finish line on the Paseo Vara de Rey Ibiza.
•20h - Awards are given to the first 3 absolute athletes, male and female
•20h30´ - Last athlete arrives at the finish line on Paseo Vara de Rey Ibiza.
•20h31´ - Awards ceremony for the rest of the categories on the stage - Finish area


In the secretary area there will be a ceremony. delivery of the number, and welcome pack, with t-shirt, wardrobe ticket, bus transfer ticket (whoever hired it).




•18h00´ – Departure in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia (Location to be determined)
•19h00´ - Arrival 1st athlete to finish line
•20h30´ - Last athlete arrives at the finish line on Paseo Vara de Rey in Ibiza



(Only for those who have purchased the ticket in the coach transfer registration)

•The buses will leave on time at 4:45 p.m. 1st stop from Paseo Figueretes, Plaza Julia Verdera and at 5 p.m. from the 2nd; stop at the Avenida Santa EulariaParking Estacion Maritima de Formentera.
•To have access to the bus it is necessary to have contracted the bus transfer in the registration.
•In the secretariat finish area on Paseo Vara de Rey will be delivered a ticket that will be kept to hand in when boarding the bus, showing your number.

•It is recommended to arrive 15’ in advance to the bus meeting point



In the departure area of the 21 km will be enabled You will be given a cloakroom area and you will be transferred to the finish area where you can pick it up. The bib number and the cloakroom ticket must match.

•Cloakroom opening and closing times at departure 5:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.


Location of start area

Cloakroom closing time for pick-up at finish line 9pm


Location: Post-Finish area from the Paseo de Vara de Rey in Ibiza

At pick-up it is mandatory to show your bib number





The test athletic event called Ibiza Half Marathon, is organized by the Ibiza Half Triathlon Sports Association and is sponsored by the Consell de Ibiza, the City Council of Ibiza and the City Council of San José.



2.1 They will be run over a distance of 21,097 km and are supervised and approved by the Spanish Athletics Federation, as International II, governed by its competition rules. ;n.

2.2 The output will be in the municipality of San José.

2.3 The departure time will be at 6pm from Saturday, April 5, 2025.

2.4 The maximum time for carrying out the competition is set at a maximum of 2h 30´ The checkpoint closing time at the finish line is at 8:30 p.m. on Paseo Vara de Rey in Ibiza. A roadblock is located at the intersection with the airport road. The athlete who does not pass that point before said time will have his bib number removed and will be disqualified, and will be taken to the finish line in organization vehicles.

2.5 Refreshment stations for participants will be available. n placed at kilometer points 5 km – 10 km – 15 km, so as in the finish area.

2.6 The competition itinerary will be Marked by information panels with arrows and the mileage by indicative panels of each mileage point.

2.7 Participation in the competition will be determined by the number of participants. open to any person without distinction of sex or nationality, whether or not they are federated and born before 2007.

2.8 The registration prices will be the following:


•20 € from June 11 to June 31, 2024 (Promotion)

•25 € from July 1 to December 31, 2024

•30 € from January 1 to January 31, 2025

•35 € from February 1 to February 28, 2025

•40 € from March 1 to March 31, 2025


The closing date for registration will be on Sunday, March 31, 2025 at 11:59 p.m.

2.9 The numbers provided by the organization must be placed on the front, fully visible and must be worn throughout the competition.< /p>

2.10 The organization for timekeeping control requires the use of the chip fixed on the bib number.

2.11 Any claim must be submitted. must be presented to the general judge in writing and no later than 30 minutes after the provisional classifications have been presented and with a deposit of €100.



3.1 The categories will be the following


3.1.1 Male:



Under-20 (Year of birth 2006-2007)

Under-23 (Year birth 2003-2004-2005)

Senior (Up to 34 years)

Master "A" M35 (From 35 to 39 years)

Master "B" M40 (From 40 to 44 years)

Master "C" M45 (From 45 to 49 years)

Master "D" M50 (From 50 to 54 years)

Master "E" M55 (From 55 to 59 years)

Master “F” M60 (From 60 to 64 years)

Master “G” M65 (65 years and older)

1st Local


3.1.2 Women:



Under-20 ( Birth year 2006-2007)

Under-23 (Birth year 2003-2004-2005)

Senior (Up to 34 years)

Master "A" F35 (From 35 to 39 years old)

Master "B" F40 (From 40 to 44 years)

Master "C" F45 (From 45 to 49 years)

Master "D" F50 (From 50 to 54 years)

Master "E" F55 (From 55 to 59 years)

Master “F” M60 (60 years and older)

1ª Local


3.2 The trophies for the top 3 male and female absolute finishers will be awarded at 8:00 p.m. and at 8:30 p.m. to the top 3 finishers in the rest of the categories.


3.3 The following cash prizes are established for the absolute Male and Female category.


1º Classified Male and Female

500 € - 500 €


2ª Classified Male and Female

300 € - 300 €


3rd Classified Male and Female
200 € - 200 €






1.- Every athlete is registered You will enter the event once you pay the registration fee in full and the ORGANIZATION verifies that you meet all the necessary requirements to take part in the competition.

2.- It will be understood An athlete takes part or participates in the event once, after collecting the number assigned to him/her, he/she appears in the competition area and starts.

3 .- The payment of the registration fee entails and entitles the participant to take part in the event.

4.- It is the exclusive responsibility of the organizer to arrange the services made available to the participants, as well as how to determine all issues related to the sports competition.

5.- The amount of the registration fee will be determined by the organizer, who will publish duly pay the corresponding fees. The athlete has the right to be given proof of registration payment at the time of formalizing it.

6.- Once the registration fee has been paid, the athlete will be returned. The same will be given to the participant only if the test is not held by decision of the organizer, unless there is a case or assumption of those provided for in the following section.

7.- It is not will return the registration fee, neither in whole nor in part, in the event that:

(A) the test is suspended by decision of the organizer or other federative or administrative entities due to the existence of assumptions Unforeseen events or force majeure not attributable to the organization (such cases would include -among others- those corresponding to the weather, concurrence of disasters related to nature, pandemics, etc.)

(B) the test was modified in terms of its format, design, characteristics, distances or circuits.

(C) The test was suspended and postponed due to the COVID pandemic -19 on the island of Ibiza, with the registration of all those registered becoming part of the registry of the new celebration date.

8.- In cases in which the athlete, once registered, requests withdrawal and/or renounces taking part in the event (regardless of the causes or reasons given by him/her), the refund conditions will apply - deadlines, amount ;as / percentages, etc. - of the registration fee that, if applicable, appear in the “registrations” section. from the test website published by the organizer. Beyond After the deadline for returns, no refunds will be made. to return to the athlete any amount paid by him or her at the time of registration.

9.- The payment of the amounts corresponding to “refunds” it will be carried out through the mechanism and deadline determined by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to pass on to the athlete the bank charges generated in the payment operations of the amounts for refunds of registration fees.




1.- Return requests will be accepted and made. ;n of registrations according to the following criteria... 75% until December 31, 2024, 50% until January 31, 2025, from February 1, 2025 there are no refunds. See also regarding refunds, point 7 and its sections A) and B) of these registration conditions.




The COVID-19 health crisis makes adoption necessary ;n of a series of measures aimed at complying with the protocols established by the health authorities. The establishment and compliance with the aforementioned measures requires a series of commitments and forms of action on the part, fundamentally, of organizers and participants. Reading and accepting this document is an essential condition

to take part in the ORGANIZATION's competitions. The participant declares and manifests:

1.- That he or she is aware of the protocol and guide that the ORGANIZATION has published in relation to the presence and participation in sports events. generated on the occasion of the COVID-19 health crisis.

2.- That it undertakes to comply with all the demands or simple recommendations contained in such protocol or guide, as well as such as the instructions given by the sports authorities or organizational personnel present at the competition in relation to the measures to avoid contagion by COVID-19.

3.- That is committed You will not attend or take part in the event or competition if you suffer from symptoms that could be compatible with the contagion of COVID19. This will result It also extends to cases in which the symptoms were suffered by third parties with whom the participating person has or has had contact from which infection could objectively arise.

4.- That, If you are or have been infected by the COVID-19 virus, you agree not to attend or take part in the event or competition until the health authorities state that participation does not entail a risk. risk, either for yourself or for the rest of the attendees with whom you may come into contact.

5.- That, with the means at its disposal, and in any case when circumstances have arisen that make it advisable, it has been subjected to the existing tests to verify if it is correct. or has been infected by COVID-19.

6.- That he/she is aware of and accepts and assumes that, in the current state, there is an objective risk of contagion of COVID-19 with the consequences that result. could arise for your person in terms of health or problems that could even cause death.

7.- That you accept that the ORGANIZATION adopts the measures indicated in the protocol and guide that has been published in order to establish a reasonable safety scenario in the competition. In this sense, it is stated that the ORGANIZATION, during the course of the competition, may adopt the measures or decisions that are necessary in relation to the establishment or application of the measures contained in its protocol and published guide or any others that had the purpose of providing the test with a safe environment in terms of avoiding contagion by COVID-19.

8.- That, in the event of being infected by COVID-19, the participant exonerates the ORGANIZATION from any responsibility in relation to with the possible damages or losses that may arise for his or her person.

9.- That he or the participant accepts that when measures or decisions are adopted by the ORGANIZATION with the objective of preserving the health of people during the course of the competition, the essential obligations of the organizer cannot be considered non-compliance, so no competition can be made. demand the payment of amounts, compensation, or refund of prices or amounts for registration or participation rights or costs incurred by the athlete and/or his or her club.

10 .- That he or the participant accepts that if conduct or behavior of non-observance or non-compliance with the orders and instructions of the organization staff is shown on their part in relation to security measures to avoid COVID infections -19, you can be excluded or disqualified from the event by decision of whoever acts as sports authority (judge-referee or technical delegate).

11.- That he or the participant accepts that the sporting measures set out in the previous section are understood without prejudice to other responsibilities that he or she may assume before the competent authorities (including the federative disciplinary bodies) as a consequence of conduct or behavior of non-observance or non-compliance with the orders and instructions that are applicable, either in the sports-federation field, or in other different fields.




1.- In accordance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, your personal data, or where appropriate those of your representative, will be processed by the organizer, the A.D. IBIZA HALF TRIATHLON with N.I.F. G57876799, for the purpose of managing registration for the event and any action derived from it, and, where applicable, sending you information related to the activity of the entity. You will be able to exercise these rights: Right to request access to personal data relating to the interested party, right to request its rectification or deletion. Right to request the limitation of your processing, and the right to oppose the processing, Right to data portability; for this you must Send a written request to the address C/ Tarragona N.º 3 07800 Ibiza, or through the email address attaching a photocopy of your ID or equivalent document. You can request additional information about how we process your data, or, where applicable, those of your client to the email address mentioned above.




1.- The athlete knows the existence and content, understands, and abides by all rules, regulations and regulatory provisions that are applicable to the competition. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform themselves about the rules, regulations, provisions, instructions, and any other regulations that may be applicable to the competition.

2.- The athlete undertakes to comply with all agreements adopted by the organization and its staff, by the technical delegates, by the judges – referees, officials, any sports body or authorities, as well as as well as the resolutions issued by those in matters of their competence.

3.- The athlete is obliged to scrupulously ensure at all times respect for the values ​​of sport, maintaining appropriate behavior and preserving the good image of the organization and its competition.

4.- The athlete swornly and responsibly declares that he/she is not sanctioned or involved in any sanctioning procedure. in matters related to sports. Once registered, as soon as a sanction is imposed through a resolution that is firm or simply executive established by a sports federation or any other administrative entities, such circumstance

it will be This will be brought to the attention of the RFEA, who, in such cases, may reasonedly prevent the participation of the athlete in the competition.



< p> 

1.- The athlete exempts the ORGANIZATION and the rest of the organizing and collaborating entities in the launch and development of the sports competition from all responsibility for any injuries or physical damage. , materials, or any other type, not attributable to poor organization or operation.

2.- The ORGANIZATION will have control and surveillance measures aimed at preventing possible theft of sports equipment or personal belongings of the participants from occurring during the competition. In any case, every participant exonerates the ORGANIZATION and the rest of the organizing and collaborating entities in the launch and development of the competition from any responsibility for damages, deteriorations, thefts, etc. of the sports equipment or personal property that the athlete could introduce and deposit before, during and after the event in the competition areas or any of the areas enabled for storage, storage, parking, etc. ;tera.

3.- The ORGANIZATION is independent of and does not assume any responsibility for the athletes who register for the sports competition in relation to any contract (travel , accommodation, etc.) that could be carried out by them in relation to attendance at the event. The athlete expressly renounces any claim to the ORGANIZATION and the rest of the collaborating entities in the start-up and development of the competition for any expense that may be incurred in relation to any contract (travel). , accommodation, etc.) carried out on your part in the event that the competition does not take place.




1.- The athlete authorizes the ORGANIZATION for total or partial recording, and subsequent advertising exploitation in the media. broadest terms as legally possible, of their presence or participation in the competition through photographs, films, television, radio, video and any other means known or to know, thus as the right to use them for commercial, advertising, etc., as they deem appropriate, without the right to any financial compensation.

2.- The athlete must be aware that the audiovisual rights of the competition in which you enter correspond to the ORGANIZATION or the entity that is the assignee of the same. The ownership of such audiovisual rights includes the possibility of exploiting them, with the consequent economic benefit. The athlete will not be able to demand neither the ORGANIZATION nor any possible

holders or exploiters of audiovisual rights any amount for their appearance in the works or productions that are made.

3.- The /the athlete will not be able to make use of content or works that involve the use of audiovisual rights of the competition in which they take part, even when they are images or sounds that have been captured by them or by any third party. Images and sounds captured for domestic use are expressly excluded. You will not have the consideration of domestic use of images and

sounds of the competition those captured for the purpose of insertion or dissemination through websites, blogs, social networks , etc.




1.- The athlete declares that he/she does not suffer any contraindication to compete or practice athletics, responsibly stating to the ORGANIZATION that he/she has undergone medical controls or examinations prior to the event. in order to rule out any injury, illness or health problem that prevents or even discourages participation in the competition.


2.- In the event that the registered athlete is a minor, this form must be completed with the express authorization of the person or persons holding the parental authority. In the event that it is shared between several people, whoever completes this form must agree to it. have obtained the express authorization and/or consent of the rest of the people who share with him/her the

parental authority over the minor registered in the competition.




1.- The The stipulations and clauses contained in this online registration form have the status of rights and obligations for the parties. In this sense, the following are considered parties to the relationship for these purposes: the athlete who registers for the competition, such as the ORGANIZATION, and/or the entities that said entity uses to launch the competition. and development of the event 2.- These stipulations are considered contracting conditions for the purposes of what is

provided for in current legislation.

3.- The /The athlete who completes this form, waiving any other form that may apply, declares that any dispute, controversy or claim related to registration or participation in the competition will be resolved. subject to the courts and tribunals of the place where the ORGANIZATION has its headquarters.

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