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RUNNERS’ EXPO—  April 21, 2023


Friday, April 21 from 18h to 20h  at Feria Touribisport (Recinto Ferial de Ibiza, Crtra Ibiza a San Antonio Km1) Chek in MAPS

Saturday, April 22 from 10h to 14h  at Feria Touribisport (Recinto Ferial de Ibiza, Crtra Ibiza a San Antonio Km1) Chek in MAPS.

At the Runners’ Expo, athletes can collect their bibs along with their race t-shirt, baggage check ticket, bus transfer ticket (for those having purchased this option during registration) and a welcome kitbag.



 18h—Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

BUS TRANSFER (only for those having paid for this option during registration):

  • Buses will leave punctually at 16:45 from the first pick-up point at Paseo Figueretes, Plaza Julià Verdera, and at 17h from the second stop at Ibiza’s harbour (Parking of the Maritime Station of Formentera).
  • To use the bus transfer service, participants will need to have purchased bus transfer tickets on signing up for the event. The tickets will be given out at the Runners’ Expo.
  • Runners will have to show their ticket to the bus driver upon boarding, together with their bib and running number. 
  • We recommend arriving at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to departure.


At the Start Area of both races, there will be a designated Baggage Check Point. This service will transfer all baggage deposited to the Finish Area, where participants will reclaim it after the race. The number on the runner’s bib and the baggage check ticket must match.

Start Area Baggage Check opening from 17 to 17:45 in San Jose.

Finish Area Baggage Check closing time 21h

Location: Finish Area at La Marina (Ibiza’s harbour).

You will be asked to show your runner’s bib and number to collect your belongings.



The Ibiza Half Marathon is organised by the Ibiza Half Triathlon Sports Association. It is sponsored by the Ibiza Island Council, the Town Hall of Ibiza and the Town Hall of Sant Josep.


2.1 The distance to be run is 21.097 km. This competition complies with the rules set forth by the Balearic Federation of Athletics, which supervises the event.

2.2 The Start will be in Sant Josep.

2.3 The start time will be at 18h. on 22 April 2023.

2.4 The maximum allotted time for completing the competition is 2 h 30 min. The finish line’s cut-off time is 8:30 p.m.

2.5 Participants will find refreshment stations at the 5, 10 and 15‑km marks as well as at the Finish Area.

2.6 The route of the competition will be signposted with kilometre markers, informative notices and directional arrows.

2.7 Participation in the competition is open to all, regardless of gender or nationality, whether they are federated or not, provided they were born before 2002.

2.8 The registration fees are:

  • €20 from  December 1 t0 December  31 2022.
  • €25 from 1 January  to 28 february 2023.
  • €30 from  March 1  to march 31 2023.
  • €34 from  April 1  to april 16 2023.

Registration closes at midnight on 16 april, 2023.

2.9 The bibs provided by the Organiser must be worn on the front and be completely visible. It is mandatory to wear the bib for the whole of the competition.

2.10 To measure results with accurate timing, participants will race with a chip in the bib number.

2.11 Any claims must be submitted to the head race official in writing and within a maximum of 30 min after the provisional results have been published. A €100 deposit is required to file a claim.


3.1 The categories are the following:

3.1.1 Men:

  • Absolute
  • Local
  • Sub-20 (Born in 2003-2004)
  • Sub‑23 (Born in 2000–2001-2002)
  • Senior (Up to 34 yo)
  • Veterans “A” M35 (From 35 to 39 yo)
  • Veterans “B” M40 (From 40 to 44 yo)
  • Veterans “C” M45 (From 45 to 49 yo)
  • Veterans “D” M50 (From 50 to 54 yo)
  • Veterans “E” M55 (From 55 to 59 yo)
  • Veterans “F” M60 (From 60 to 64 yo)
  • Veterans “G” M65 (65 years and older)

3.1.2 Women:

  • Absolute
  • Local
  • Sub-20 (Born in 2003-2004)
  • Sub‑23 (Born in 2000–2001-2002)
  • Senior (Up to 34 years)
  • Veterans “A” F35 (From 35 to 39 yo)
  • Veterans “B” F40 (From 40 to 44 yo)
  • Veterans “C” F45 (From 45 to 49 yo)
  • Veterans “D” F50 (From 50 to 54 yo)
  • Veterans “E” F55 (From 55 to 59 yo)
  • Veterans “F” F60 (60 years and older)

3.2 Trophies will be awarded at 12 p.m. to the first three finishers in each category, to the first three finishers in the absolute category and to the first three locals, both male and female.

3.3 The following cash prizes will be awarded for the Men’s and Women’s Absolute category.

1st Place Men´s & Women´s
€500 – €500

2nd Place Men´s & Women´s
€300 – €300

3rd Place Men´s & Women´s
€200 – €200




1.- All athletes are registered in the event once they have paid the registration fee in full and the ORGANIZATION verifies that they meet all the necessary requirements to take part in the competition.
2.- It will be understood that an athlete takes part or participates in the event once, after picking up the number that has been assigned to him, he appears in the competition area and starts.
3.- The payment of the registration fee implies and entitles the participant to take part in the event.
4.- It is the exclusive responsibility of the organizer to arrange the services made available to the participants, as well as to determine all matters related to the sports competition.
5.- The amount of the registration fee will be determined by the organizer, who will duly publish the corresponding fees. The athlete has the right to be given proof of registration payment at the time of formalizing it.
6.- Once the registration fee has been paid, it will be returned to the participant only if the test is not held by decision of the organizer, unless there is a case or assumption of those provided in the following section.
7.- The registration fee will not be returned, neither all nor part, in the event that:
(A) the test was suspended by decision of the organizer or the rest of the federal or administrative entities due to the existence of fortuitous occurrences or force majeure not attributable to the organization (among such assumptions would be included -among others- those corresponding to the weather, concurrence of disasters related to nature, pandemics, etc…)
(B) the test is modified in terms of its format, design, characteristics, distances or circuits.
(C) The test was suspended and postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the island of Ibiza, passing the registration of all those registered to be part of the registry of the new date of celebration.
8.- In cases in which the athlete, once registered, requests withdrawal and/or renounces taking part in the event (regardless of the causes or reasons adduced by him/her), the the return conditions -deadlines, amounts/percentages, etc.- of the registration fee which, where appropriate, appear in the “registration” section of the test website published by the organizer. Beyond the deadline for returns, no amount paid by her at the time of registration will be returned to the athlete.
9.- The payment of the amounts corresponding to “refunds” will be made through the mechanism and term determined by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to pass on to the athlete the bank expenses generated in the payment operations of the amounts for refunds of registration fees.

1.- Requests for the return of registrations will be accepted and made according to the following criteria… 75% until February 28, 2022, 50% until March 31, 2022, as of April 1, 2022 there is no returns. See also regarding returns, point 7 and its sections A) and B) of these registration conditions.

The COVID-19 health crisis makes it necessary to adopt a series of measures aimed at complying with the protocols set by the health authorities. The establishment and fulfillment of the aforementioned measures requires a series of commitments and forms of action on the part, fundamentally, of organizers and participants. The reading and acceptance of this document is an essential condition to take part in the competitions of the ORGANIZATION. The participant declares and declares:
1.- That they are aware of the protocol and guide that the ORGANIZATION has published in relation to the presence and participation in sports events generated on the occasion of the COVID-19 health crisis.
2.- That it undertakes to comply with all the requirements or simple recommendations that are contained in such protocol or guide, as well as the instructions that are given by the sports authorities or organization personnel present in the competition in relation to the measures to avoid contagion. by COVID-19.
3.- That he undertakes not to attend or take part in the event or competition in the event that he suffers from symptoms that could be compatible with the spread of COVID19. This will also be extended to cases in which the symptoms were suffered by third parties with whom the participant has or has had contact that could objectively lead to contagion.
4.- That, if you are or have been infected by the COVID-19 virus, you agree not to go or take any








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